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First-time offenders can have their records sealed through expungement.

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If you’re the defendant in a criminal case, don’t let the thought of an upcoming court date intimidate you. The Law Office of Tracy L. Barnes, LLC is here to guide you through the judicial process and ensure that you always know your rights. We deal primarily in:

Tracy L. Barnes also serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem for children in domestic and juvenile matters.

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The Law Office of Tracy L. Barnes, LLC was established to assist those charged with criminal violations during what is often a frightening and confusing time.

A criminal charge is a serious and intimidating matter that can often carry more consequences than the average person may anticipate. Most people aren’t in the habit of breaking the law, so a criminal charge is unfamiliar territory. Generally, penalties vary from community service, fines, probations, diversions or jail time. These convictions can also have lasting effects on your driving record and ability to get employment. Even simple traffic violations can lead to the revocation of your driving privileges if not properly handled.

It is important that upon being charged with a criminal offense you seek the advice of an attorney to protect your interests and assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. The Law Office of Tracy L. Barnes, LLC has experience in reviewing and assessing cases, negotiating with prosecutors, and if necessary, taking your matter to trial to ensure you are properly represented.


  • I operate a company vehicle, so a clean driving record is very important to me. When I got into some problems with traffic violations right before I was going out of the country, I was worried. However, I didn’t need to worry because Tracy Barnes handled my tickets while I was gone. She did more than just assist me, she took care of absolutely everything without any involvement on my part. Tracy’s work is impeccable and I would definitely trust her expertise again in the future.

    Lauren S.
  • Working with Tracy was phenomenal from start to finish. She was knowledgeable and kept in constant communication about the status of my case. She resolved the issue at hand quickly and favorably. She is a consummate professional and I have recommended her to several friends already.

    Carly D.
  • Ms. Barnes is an incredibly capable attorney.  Her knowledge of Kansas law and ability to be tactfully aggressive was key in helping bring our legal situation to a satisfactory resolution for all parties.

    Allen D.
    February, 2015
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